Stocked Items

Stocked Mouldings, Mount-board and Glass

Large Stock of Everything!

We keep a stock of the popular mouldings, for example, flat black, flat white, flat oak.

We stock mount-board in cream, red, green, blue, black and white, as well as a huge number of individual sheets in various colours.

Additionally, our amazing invisible glass is always available for your special items.

We always carry a huge stock of individual mouldings and mount card, many of which you cannot find at any other framer, and may just perfectly suit your picture…

Reduced time-scales

For a moulding we already have in our studio, we can usually produce your frame within a shorter time-scale. Ask to see what we have ready and waiting,  or simply want something a little bit different.

Simple black frames
Simple white frames
Simple large black frame
Simple rounded black
Flat oak frame