Mount Cutting

Almost any shape!

With our state-of-the-art, computerized mount-cutter, Framework Studios can design, create and cut any style mount.

From customized, artistic shapes, to triple mounts, to mounts with 20 or more apertures.

‘V-grooves’ can further enhance the artwork, and can be individually styled and programmed.

  • Multi-aperture mounts – almost unlimited – as long as it fits the mountcard!
  • Single, double, triple and more – many layers increases the artistic impact.
  • Rectangles, squares, ovals, crazy shapes – you decide, we program and cut.
  • Acid-free mountcard, coloured or multi-core, ultra-thicl, linen, silk, even gold-plated – the choice is endless.
  • 100’s of colours to choose from.

Jazz up an old frame with a new mount! We supply new mounts for existing frames.

These can be photo-mounts, with multiple apertures of different sizes (and shapes), or double, triple, quadruple mounts in lush materials to show off your art, or to improve a cheap frame!